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JBead Foundation was established in 2003 as a Los Angeles based non-profit corporation. From 2004-2010 the Foundation presented annual fundraising events to establish the corporation mission as a caring, community, human service resource, serving various under served populations across several strategic “public-need” categories.

Our community services sets us apart from the industry around the globe


Children, Youth Empowerment, Team Sports
Civic Participation


Disasters (e.g., Emergency, Basic Needs, Crisis Stabilization, Hunger & Relief)
Education and Scholarships


Environmental Health
Film & TV Professionals
Health & Wellness

Housing and Low-income Communities

Internet & Social Media

Mental/Behavioral Health

Multicultural Society

Workforce Education

Learning Through Collaboration Business Luncheon for Start-Ups
Theme: Innovation and Growth
Dorian Logan
Dorian Logan

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