Who We Are and Our Why:

JBead Foundation was established in 2003 as a Los Angeles based non-profit corporation. From 2004-2010 the Foundation presented annual fundraising events to establish the corporation mission as a caring, community, human service resource, serving various under served populations across several strategic “public-need” categories.

2011 – 2014:

The growth and change continues in response to several community needs raised during our annual fundraising events. Despite limited budgets, the Foundation use innovative technology and cost-effective marketing techniques such as social media campaigns to explore funding options that create a sustainable financial structure to increase visibility locally, nationally, and abroad.

2015 and Beyond: What We are Doing NOW:

Since establishing the Foundation and in keeping with our legacy of innovation we are building a network of Legal Shield Associates, Community Partners, Investors, Banks, Businesses, and stakeholders that express interest to advance the mission and vision of the corporation. This corporate partnership address future global trends and those concerns raised at annual events by our community constituents.

Our Strategic Plan to Raise Capital:

The Foundation’s strategic plan is corporate team building and collaboration through multi-level marketing equity assets to increase revenue streams that accumulate wealth while building a stable “culture of giving support” through the Community Empowerment Fund.

The NCC-UPN Fund is a public drive network of Sponsors, Donors, Community Partners, Legal Shield Associates, Investors, Banks, Corporations, Financial Institutions, Businesses, Colleges & Universities, and various stakeholders that express interest to advance the mission and vision of the Foundation’s Outreach Programs. The corporate partnership address future global trends and those concerns raised during annual events by our community constituents.

NCC-UPN goal:

(1) Build Intellectual-Equity and (2) Manage a portfolio of over one (1) billion dollars in asset allocations (e.g. Cash, Real Estate Holdings, Stock Options, Bonds, etc.) to reinvest for grants writing research, employment opportunity, general operations, and various philanthropic ventures to support our community constituents.


The NCC-UPN Fund future investments, corporate partnerships, and giving priorities are maximized by carefully measured “data driven decisions” to reduce risk while expanding growth opportunities within communities we serve. The vision for the NCC-UPN Fund is to expand the Foundation’s community outreach programs and services under one endowment so the impact is far greater and the brand reach serves more community citizens globally over a sustained period of time.

Discover your Legacy through team building:

No matter your area of interest, JBead Foundation can help you champion your cause and create an impact. No matter what your philanthropic passion, you can pursue it with the Foundation. However you define your cause, whether it is specific or broad, close to home or across the globe, obscure or popular, we can help you make a difference in whatever way you choose.

Our Mission:

To be a caring community human service resource serving various populations across several strategic “public-need” categories, while providing access to various opportunities that enable people to achieve their professional goals and improve their performance so they can provide leadership and service to their communities.

Our Vision:

To be recognized as the most trusted provider of community services for children, adults, veterans, and other under served populations.

The Foundation offers an unbiased environment to truly empower you as our Community Associate, where you can translate your passion into reality. Create your mission and legacy to expand our community outreach programs.

Short Version of Our Mission:

We change the lives of many people, their families, and future generations through higher education opportunity. We empower women, men, and children via education, health care, technology and social reform, while encouraging the growth of self-esteem.

Community Supporters: 2004-2016

JBead Foundation & the Ronald Larry Scholarship Fund wishes to thank the following individuals, corporations, banks, educational, and financial institutions, for their generous contributions of time and energy for our events. This list will be posted on our WALL OF SUPPORTERS when we break ground for new our corporate headquarters in the near future. Click names to learn more about our supporters in the community.

Get Noticed NOW! Be the Hero! Show our Global Community who “kick-starts” the Foundation’s mission to help discover the next inventor, writer, entrepreneur, actor, etc. Don’t miss this opportunity to “Create your Legacy.” This page is under construction and updated weekly.

David Wexler

 Judy Sundayo

Deborah Laidley

Pamela Drigo, M.A., Graduate – University of Phoenix

Flavio Argueta – Design Printing

Israel Estrada

Vivian Yee

Janet Harris

Alice Clark-Harris -
Faculty - University of Phoenix

Patricia August

Mr. Ronald & Sharon Larry Scholarship Fund, 

Carla Bishop, M.A. - University of Phoenix

Loretta M. Cooper

Aerospace Corporation, Initial
Foundation Investor & Executive Board

William D. Cooper

Kevin J. Newman

Martha G. McDavid - Newman

Zu Raad – Design Printing

Aureila Freeman - AT&T

Phillip Flores – Design Printing

Steve Young, Ph.D., Faculty University of Phoenix

Mr. Stephen Robinson – City National Bank

Reverend Stephen Pierson

Jennifer O'Neil

Ms Kindness Batchelor, Ramirez, M.A. - University of Phoenix

Cecelia Johnson

Reverend Charles Pugh

Regina Washington

Demetria Milton

Reverend Jimmie Lee Covington

Vanessa Martinez

Vanessa Williams

Emma Simmons, M.D.

Florence Walker, Pendleton, SC