NCC-UPN Fund Affordable Housing Program

JBead Foundation, Inc. is proud to announce we collaborate with global partners to acquire long-term capital for the NCC-UPN Fund Community Outreach Programs.


The NCC-UPN Fund is an expanding, ambitious, innovative PROGRAM that intends to grow at more than 150% per year through solid investment strategies, customer service, and a great real-estate acquisition plan.


The NCC-UPN Fund goal is to manage real-estate assets, investments, and business solutions to help community citizens purchase their home. The NCC-UPN Fund is working to keep dreams alive. The NCC-UPN Fund will not only define success by the number of properties closed and sales volume but also by whether people were helped in the process.


The mission of the NCC-UPN Fund is to increase minority homeownership in the Los Angeles area and eventually move into similar markets within the United States and international countries. The NCC-UPN Fund will target the low-income, affordable housing market, with a focus on acquisition of the following type properties: