Advertise Your Business with Page Ads: Why Advertise?

  • Increase visibility as University Instructor, Business, Corporation, Social Media Growth
  • Promote your University, College, Business, Corporation, Mission, Purpose, Vision, etc.
  • Draw attendees to your Ad listed in the Agenda Book, Website, Venue
  • Attract financial institutions, media, students, professionals, businesses,  corporations, and others to training programs from your Ad listed in the Agenda Book   & website.
  • Recruit and list your company job openings
  • Locate connections and business networking, converting to sales
  • Effective social media marketing of your company profile
  • Learn new ways to engage with your business, students, clients and gain customer loyalty
  • Share your latest deals, products, services, news and events
  • Learn business and revenue growth by social networking your ad face-to-face at our three (3)annual community events.

Promote your brand with Advertiser benefits

JBead Foundation, Inc. advertiser benefits ensure that you/your organization and/or company is recognized before, during, and after the conference. Our new website can market corporate brands to well over one million customers annually through e-marketing, strategic (targeted) marketing campaign, utilizing page ads, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs, Flip Book, E-newsletter, and other Social Media Tools.

More importantly, advertisers who purchase their ads or post their business cards by a specific date TBA are featured on our website before the conference for additional corporate exposure. By meeting this deadline, you are invited to attend the Meet & Greet Social Hour: Date TBA. The Foundation’s three annual community events are designed to showcase corporate partners and individuals to give maximum brand exposure to a new customer base.