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Our mission is to promote Vastu Shastra and education designers, architects, builders and homeowners of the potential of a more comfortable, happy and successful life lived in harmony through the principles of Vastu Shastra. With over 10 years’ building experience we have studied the science of Vastu Architecture since years long with most renowned Vastu architects, and has designed and built many structures according to these principles.

Vastu Review & Evaluation of Your Home or Apartment

You can send your house plan or apartment plan and we can comment on the plan and orientation in terms of Vastu.

Land Review

An initial review of a plot of land
Please send:

  • Plot map and orientation to true north
  • Direction of downward slope of land (if any)
  • Description of any water on or near the site:
    • What type of water is it? (Pond, stream, spring, lake, river, etc.)
    • How far from the proposed house site
    • What size is the body of water?
    • In the case of a river: what is location and direction of flow
  • Location and type of any outstanding landscape features,
  • Location of adjacent houses and streets (a Google map link will do).
  • Location of any public buildings or other neighbourhood features.

For plots of land the initial review may require more time after the first phase of the review. It may be that a review of the local Covenants and Restriction is needed.

Structure Review

An initial review of an existing house or proposed house plan.
Please send :

  • For proposed home
  • All dimensioned floor plans with rooms labelled
  • for existing buildings:
    • Orientation of an existing building, ideally with true-north compass orientation
    • Exact address of an existing building, ideally with a Google earth or Google maps street view link
  • for planned construction
    • Exact desired orientation
    • Exact location, ideally with a Google earth link or Google street maps view link.

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